The largest American Wine competition in the world Awards Warrant Red the Silver Medal
This past week, a local wine, Warrant Red, created by Kristain Story and Eric Turner of the rock band Warrant, took the coveted Silver Medal in the most prestigious wine competition in the world, The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. When you take two forces of nature and bring them together good things are bound to happen. Bringing Napa Valley wine-maker Kristian Story together with Erik Turner of the rock band Warrant is one of those magical collaborations with amazing results: Warrant Red, a delicious new limited blend of Wine from

Kristian Story is a Napa Valley, California winemaker, who employs ancient winemaking techniques to create his hand-crafted, unfiltered and unrefined wines, fermented with French yeasts. Focused on the limited production of red Bordeaux varietals and small lots of Chardonnay, Merlot and Petite Sirah, Kristian believes the minimalist approach preserves and expresses the true varietal character of Kristian Story Wines. Warrant is an American Rock band from Hollywood , California that experienced success from 1989-today with five albums reaching international sales of over 10 million. The band first came into the national spotlight with their debut album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, and one of its singles, “Heaven,” reached #1 in Rolling Stone and #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The band continued its success in the 90’s with the 2x Platinum album Cherry Pie and the gold album Dog Eat Dog. The band continues to tour and record all around the U.S. today.

The goal of combining Wine and Rock is to reach people and music fans in a new and different way. The Warrant Red wine has been a project with both Kristian Story and Erik Turner together. The wine has brought on a different way to share their passion for music and wine with both a new and old audience.

When asked about the wine, Eric Turner said that the wine is delicious and by drinking it you will become smarter,richer and better looking! “Seriously though,” he adds, “I am new to the wine world and when I tested and mixed the wines with Kristian Story I was blown away with what has now become Warrant Red.” We think it is great that the first wine we did has won such a prestige award.

As with the strum of the electric guitar and the bang of a big bass drum within a rock anthem melody, this sexy wine strokes balance and resonates with flavors of cherries, raspberries and mocha. The notes finish with innuendo of espresso and tobacco. Great acidity pairs it well with foods such as spaghetti, beef, and spicy dishes. Also pairs well with classic rock, good times, and good friends.

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